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Top 20 tourist destinations and source markets

While France, the United States and Spain still lead the rankings in terms of international tourist arrivals, new destinations are close behind. Following explosive growth in its travel industry, China now accounts for more international travellers than any other countr[...]

Global ranking of destinations and source markets

The flow of tourists to various destinations around the world has changed drastically in recent years and data compiled over the past decade corroborates certain trends. New outbound markets occupy the top spots and the ranking of destinations has been turned upside dow[...]

What’s coming in 2006?

Each new year brings with it a new batch of forecasts and predictions on a variety of topics. From new technologies, to the hotel sector, to the latest hot destinations, here are some things to watch in the coming year. Leisure travel In 2006, leisure travel will contin[...]

Commentary from Michael Nowlis on the tourism trends in 2006

François Chevrier's article concerning tourism trends in 2006 summarizes the broad expectations of many analysts in the North American market. As it is difficult [...]

Amusement parks: What can we expect in 2005?

The opening of the gigantic Tropical Islands theme park just outside Berlin has all of Europe talking. What amusement park trends will emerge in 2005? +++ The Commentary from Liping A. Cai, Professor and Director at the Purdue Tourism & Hospitality Research Center. [...]