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Overview of Canadian Outbound Travel

Canadians made 32.3 million overnight trips outside the country in 2015, of which 82% were for leisure. This is more than two times as many international leisure trips per capita than in the United States!

Tendency of adherence to green labels in hotels across Canada

Improvements of environmental performance by the accommodation sector are not measured systematically and this makes it hard to estimate the extent of real change. In [...]

Building a customer database

To begin with, customers are the very heart of your organization; they keep your company alive. Without your customers, you would not be in business. LL Bean, an outdoor equipment and apparel company in the United States, displays this saying on its office walls: “A cus[...]

Dollar (dis)parity is only part of the problem

Now the Canadian dollar has reached parity with its US counterpart, many questions are being raised. Without doubt, Canada’s performance in the American tourist market has been disappointing in recent years and the inexorable rise of the Canadian dollar in 2007 has only[...]

Is your destination in decline?

“Tell me who visits your destination, and I’ll tell you whether it’s in decline!” This was the bet made by Stanley Plog when he developed his model of matching traveller profiles with phases in a destination life cycle. When a destination is visi[...]

Meeting DMO challenges

Responsible for developing and promoting tourism in their respective regions, destination management organizations (DMOs) are the backbone of the travel industry. Challenges await them as they consider new funding formulas, adopt new technologies, deal with heightened c[...]

Number of tourists or tourism revenues?

Should tourism-industry growth be measured in international arrivals or in economic benefits? Which category would we rather be performing best in? Where does Canada stand in the stats? In a country-by-country comparison, we realized we were on the wrong track in trying[...]

Statistics are not always what they seem

Everyone – those in the industry, government bodies, academics, journalists and more – uses statistics from the World Tourism Organization and Statistics Canada, thereby contributing to the dissemination of this data. However, a closer look at these statisti[...]

Understanding performance evaluation

In tourism, performance evaluation involves objectively assessing projects completed to date according to a predefined plan, whether this relates to a policy, a program or a strategy. Such an evaluation relies on clearly defined goals, pertinent indicators and a number [...]

Front-line ambassadors: a valuable resource

The tourism industry is one sector in which the human element is absolutely vital to delivering the promised brand “experience” the customer expects. This is particularly true in the hotel industry. Employees – who really should be called “front-[...]
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