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Retargeting: A growing trend in advertising

Named a top online marketing trend for 2014 by Forbes magazine, ad retargeting enables a business to target its online communications to previous visitors to its Website.

Ancillary revenues in the hotel industry

Mobile technology can help hoteliers increase their sales of ancillary products and services. Though ancillary products and services (add-ons) were first introduced by the airlines, they are also sold by hotels, though less often. As long as hotels have the tools to pro[...]

Retro travel products for nostalgics and hipsters

Nostalgia, like fear or humour, can definitely influence consumer behaviour. The auto, fashion and entertainment industries all make use of it, in one way or another. Movies that have captivated generations are being remade with modern technology, while many products ar[...]

The Power of Photography in the Digital Age

With digital cameras, online sharing, and tools for improving, transforming and distributing images, the photograph remains an indispensable means for capturing intangible memories like travel experiences. It can also be the deciding factor in arousing interest in a des[...]

Trustworthiness of Travel 2.0 applications and their influence on tourist behaviour

  The influence of UGC on tourist choices In the last decade, the Internet has reshaped the way[...]

The status of carbon offsetting programs in North America

Carbon offsetting is a controversial practice to reduce one’s carbon footprint; however, this practice has spread worldwide in the last decade. Offsetting attempts to [...]

Canadian Travel Agents and Carbon Offsets

In 2006, 26,400 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide were emitted into the atmosphere, of which tourism contributed 5% (UNWTO, 2008). Of that 5%, air travel was responsible for 40% and land travel for 36%. The relationship between climate change and tourism is interwoven and[...]

Younger, Less Affluent Travellers Willing to Pay More for Sustainable Tourism

Although there has been a continuous increase in global tourism despite the economic recession (902 [...]

Assessing the Demand for Sustainable Tourism

Rachel Dodds, Director, Sustaining Tourism, & Assistant Professor, Ryerson University and Marion Joppe, President, Tourism Environment, & University Research Chair in Tourism, University of Guelph are assessing the demand for sustainable tourism in this article.[...]

Sustainable purchasing policies: Does your business have one?

Green purchasing or sustainable procurement is a tool to mitigate the environmental impacts of consumption. It simply means looking at what products are made of, where[...]
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